In 2013, we raised funds for a girls dorm at the Mount Zion 2 school in Bundibugyo, Uganda.  The dorm houses approximately 40 girls whose families live so far out in the bush, they would typically never have access to an education.  Thanks to this dorm, these girls are able to live on school grounds, work toward completing their education and even receive two warm meals every day, all while having a roof over their head and a warm bed to sleep in.  This dorm has become a home for these girls and a much needed resource required for them to attend school.  While the first dorm has been a huge success, the bunk beds are now stacked three high and more and more young women are waiting for their opportunity to attend Mt. Zion 2.

To meet this need, we are launching a new project in 2017 to raise funds for a second dorm.  This project will not only help provide an education, a home and food for young women in Uganda, it will give them access to the love and Word of God every single day.  We are working to raise $30,000 to make this dorm a reality.  Please make a difference in these children's lives, changing their future for the better and most importantly, their eternity.  To give, simply click on the button below.  Thank you for your generosity!